Huff Bagelry, Carnegie

Lately I have had the luxury of having delicious breakfasts and brunches in lovely caf├ęs. Last weekend, however, I was searching a breakfast place with a unique menu, one that steered away from the typical eggs on sourdough, big breakfast and the like.

Huff Bagelry, Carnegie is a bustling bakery situated on Koornang Road. Although the shop is quite spacious, it may seem deceivingly small due to the large number of people queueing for take away. We made our way to a table and I was awed when I saw the menu board. There were so many options, and for the first time in a while, I spent a good five minutes pondering over what to order (I am usually very decisive).

I shortlisted three options and eventually decided on the chicken schnitzel bagel (first picture) whilst hubby chose to have his bagel with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (second picture). You can choose from various types of bagels (original, rye, pizza, blueberry etc.) and we went with sesame bagels. Yum!
huff bagelry savoury bagels carnegiesavoury bagels carnegie huff bagelry

The combination of chicken, cheese, pesto, rocket and mayo in my bagel was delicious! The next time I return I will definitely be trying their smoked salmon with cream cheese, tuna melt and most likely some sweet bagels as well.

Although we were in a hurry to leave because we had an appointment to get to, most other tables were having a relaxed meal, chit chatting over coffee and newspapers. Drop by for some great bagels!

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