Spilt Milk, Carnegie

Last Sunday morning we decided to wake up early (9am is early, right..?) to go for a nice breakfast. I had already decided on Spilt Milk, Carnegie the night before after reading some good reviews.

Spilt Milk is a small but cosy café with limited seats. There were just two other couples enjoying their coffees and newspapers when we entered. We were promptly told by a friendly staff member to take a seat anywhere and menus were handed to us soon after.

 As you can see the menu is very interesting as each dish (including second meal dishes and desserts) is named after an animal. We decided on the tasty-sounding 'Zebra' and 'Donkey' and soon our orders arrived.

Pictured above are our 'Donkey' (first picture) and 'Zebra' (second picture) breakfasts. The prices were very affordable, but as a result the servings weren't too large either. On the whole, the dishes were good but nothing out of the ordinary. However, I must point out that the spiced capsicum sauce and onion jam was delicious and added a nice touch to an otherwise average dish. The poached egg was really soft as well.

As for drinks, neither of us are coffee drinkers, so we were glad to see a freshly made juice option. It was a refreshing blend of berries, ginger and mint (and possibly other things). We also had a hot chocolate which was nicely done as well, not too sweet yet not too bland. (My previous hot chocolate at another café which shall remain unnamed pretty much tasted like foam and water). Throughout our meal we saw many people stop by to order a coffee and it wasn't hard to tell that many of them were regulars. 

It was a pleasant meal complemented with friendly service and I certainly wouldn't mind having another breakfast or brunch if I happened to be in the area, but I probably wouldn't make a special trip just to go there again.

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