Three Little Birds Cafe, Traralgon

Over the weekend my family and I paid a visit to the city of Traralgon. As is always the case in Victoria, the weather was changing every so often. When we started our journey, we were treated to pretty blue skies even though it was quite cold, and many grass fields had frozen over. About twenty minutes later, it became so foggy we couldn't really see much of the road ahead.

Weather, why you so fickle?!

We initially decided on Star Cafe & Larder for brunch, however due to an error on Google Maps we spent half an hour walking through the entire park before realising it was actually situated on the main street. When we eventually arrived, we were dejected to find it closed for a private function. We then had to turn to our Urbanspoon app to look for recommendations. 

We settled on Three Little Birds Cafe located on Hotham Street, and a good choice it was! It was very busy but a table was quickly cleared for us. We quickly ordered and soon after our glorious food and drinks arrived!

I usually have a lot of trouble finishing my brunch, but these Eggs Atlantic (second picture) were no problem for me. It was the perfect brunch to cure my cold and hunger. Everyone really enjoyed their meals, and I knew for a fact that Dad had been eyeing Mom's Avocado Smash (third picture) from the start, but Mom unintentionally finished it all before he had a chance to steal a few bites. The cafe had a good vibe too, and we had time to relax and chat before leaving to explore the little shops around the area.

Definitely a good cafe to check out if you're stopping by this side of town!

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