Life & I

I love family. I love friends. I love music. I love creating things. I love beautiful skies. I love travelling. I love eating good food. I love being able to help others. I love being inspired. I love happiness. I love life.

I love a million things, and this blog will be a reminder to myself that life is as beautiful as I make it.

Who and what do you love?


  1. I've been a subscriber to you for a few years perhaps, and only just recently I looked at your blog because of your new piano album.
    May I just say, as a pianist for maybe 4 years I do sort of question whereabouts I'm going with it, and hoping that I'm not wasting my parent's money... But your blog truly is an inspiration!
    PLUS, just taking note of the places you noted in your Food entries... Do you live in Melbourne?! I recognise these suburbs you mention.. Mornington and all!

  2. @ Mia: Thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to read through my blog. I say if you've been given the opportunity to learn the piano, keep going with it. It's a skill and a whole new world of art that you will be able to experience for the rest of your life. :) And yes, I do live in Melbourne! Are you from Melbourne as well?