Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miam Miam, Chadstone : Part II

Yes that's right, I am reviewing Miam Miam, Chadstone for the second time! As I mentioned in my previous post, this place will and has actually already become my go-to eatery whenever I'm at Chadstone. This time, my brother and I brought my hubby along for some awesome French and Japanese fusion food!

This time I was adamant about having the works - drink, main and dessert. I had the green tea smoothie, which I can only say was pure awesomeness. Served with a dollop of ice cream, the smoothie was full of green tea flavour. When I had my first sip I could tell it was going to be another great dinner. I have to admit that it is very expensive for a drink, (about $8 or $9) but an occasional indulgence is okay, right?
My main for the night was the arrabiata - pasta with bacon, zucchini and eggplant in a tomato-based sauce. It was slightly spicy and full of flavour, though a little too salty for my taste. Nevertheless, it was still very enjoyable and I finished it in no time. This is probably the first time I've ever ordered a dish containing eggplant (I normally hate eggplant!).

This was hubby's riz au curry. I didn't sneak a bite (I was saving my tummy for dessert) but he gave a nod of approval. Man of few words, he is.

My brother ordered the lobster bisque, which he really enjoyed. His only complaint, "The name is so misleading! It's just a really big prawn!"

Finally, the long awaited dessert. I was actually leaning towards towards one of the parfaits but we eventually decided on the green tea pancake instead. I was a little wary when we ordered it as I thought it was going to be too 'heavy', but boy was I wrong. The pancake was so spongy and light it was a breeze to eat. The toppings, red bean paste, green tea ice cream, coffee jelly and green tea jelly were lovely accompaniments. Shared between the three of us, it was just nice.

This visit confirmed just how much I liked it so I will definitely be back. I would love to try the squid ink pasta next!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

DIY Red Skater Dress

I've been sewing on and off for almost a year now, and while I've made a few skirts and some home shorts, I've always wanted to make a dress. To me, that would mark the start of a whole new chapter in my sewing chronicles.

However, even though it's been quite a long time since I started, I still have no idea how to work with zippers, mainly because I don't have a zipper foot (I may also have the beginner's fear of zippers too). Which was why I rejoiced when I came across these lovely tutorials from The Pineneedle Collective!

This is my 'cheat' version of a skater dress. I sewed two separate pieces using Annika's crop top tutorial and no zipper circle skirt tutorial and wore them together to make a dress. I don't think you can really tell! And the great thing is that I can wear both pieces separately as well.

The fabric is a medium weight knit I scored from Spotlight during the Boxing Day sales for $7 per metre. The best thing about being petite is being able to make a dress from just one metre of fabric! I wanted to make a peplum attachment for the crop top though, but I was slightly short. Dang!

I ordered a zipper foot off Ebay a few days ago so I have no more excuses, really. Hopefully I'll be able to master sewing zippers in no time!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lessons Learnt And Discoveries Made

I'm currently on a week off from work and I'm having the most relaxing time in a long while. It is quite alarming though, how quickly time passes even when I'm doing nothing at all. Anyway, here are some thoughts so far:

# I'm much more unproductive during holidays than when I'm at work, but give me holidays any day anyway.

# Why are there always so many dishes and clothes to wash?!

# Following the point above, I have too many clothes.

# My mental arithmetic skills have deteriorated. Yesterday hubby babbled something along the lines of 29 + 48 + 34 + 57 (probably totalling how much HP he had hacked off the monster in his iPad game) and once he said the last number he said the total straight after. I was still like, "29 + 48.. what?". Where have my Asian level math skills gone?! Seems like the only math I am good at nowadays is multiples of 14 and 28 (pharmacists you will know why!).

# It is an awesome feeling not knowing what day or date it is. For example I thought today was Monday until I saw the time stamp on my latest blog post.

# I have to keep reminding myself that good things take time. For a long time I've been blessed with good results or success that didn't take too much hard work. Now that I'm trying to pick up things that are more challenging, the journey seems so hard and torturous due to my impatience. Breathe. I will get there.

# The difference in the effort it takes to do something you want to do and and to do something you need to do is huge. The question is, should you turn what you need to do into what you want to do, or what you want to do into what you need to do?

# You know that feeling when you have a word on the tip of the tongue? Or when you write a melody and it doesn't sound 'final' but you don't know how else to change it? Or in general, when you need to do something but can't do it? It really feels like constipation, but in your mind.

# I love my cup of green tea before bed.

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Straits Kitchen, Mount Waverley

Our most recent eating adventure in Pinewood Shopping Centre was at Straits Kitchen, Mount Waverley. We've walked past this place a number of times and even dubbed it the 'expensive-looking Malaysian restaurant' but never actually went in till about a week ago.

It was certainly more expensive compared to other Malaysian restaurants we normally visit, but it also had a clean and quiet setting which was a nice change.

This was hubby's curry chicken nasi lemak and he really liked it. In his words, 'The rice was nice, the curry was nice, and the chicken was real chicken!' When asked to elaborate about what he meant by 'real chicken', he commented about another restaurant that only served 'all bones and no meat', apparently!

I ordered the Hainanese chicken rice, and the flavours were clean and elegant, as was the presentation. The rice and accompanying soup had the subtle taste of chicken, and the chicken itself was tender and nicely seasoned. Some people would probably find this dish a little bland, but it was just right for me.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. It was definitely a little pricey but the quality of food was worth it for me.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hammer And Tong, Fitzroy

Hammer and Tong, Fitzroy comes up a lot when I'm talking to my friends about food and brunch places to try. So many people have told me, "You HAVE to try the soft shell crab burger at Hammer and Tong!" and "The soft shell crab burger was so good that so-and-so ordered two!" but I never got the chance up till last week.

I was really excited but at the back of my mind I was afraid that I would be disappointed. Naturally my expectations were high after all that hype, but I tried my best to keep an open mind.

I went with my brother and a few other friends, and we arrived pretty early so that we didn't have to wait for a table. There was no queue but we still had to share a table with others. I had already made my choice before we were even seated, but I still scrutinised the menu out of curiosity anyway.

My breakfast beverage was non other than hot chocolate. It looked beautiful and tasted amazing. I loved that it had the perfect level of sweetness and consistency, and it did a great job of warming my belly!

And this, is the famous soft shell crab burger! Constructed out of brioche buns, light and crispy battered soft shell crab, cabbage shreds, mayo and coriander, it is was a great fusion of different textures and flavours. Once I had my first bite, I realised why there was so much fuss about this burger. It was definitely leaning towards small, and I contemplated ordering something else, but decided not to overstuff myself even though it was so tempting to do so!

Other items on the menu that I would love to try in the future are the breakfast ramen and lavender yoghurt custard (a friend ordered this and it looked so beautiful) so I will definitely be back, just don't know when!

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