Sandy & Andy Eurocafe, Hampton

Hampton adventures again! This time we chose to have our breakfast at Sandy & Andy Eurocafe, a neat little café with a very homely feel.

I was craving avocado that morning, so I ordered a classic dish of smashed avocado, feta and poached eggs on toast. It's really a very simple dish, but somehow the team at Eurocafe made it startlingly delicious. Everything just tasted really fresh and there was nothing pretentious about it. And the poached eggs, oh my goodness, best I've had in a while. I feel a lot of joy when I see perfect yolks gently oozing out! 

Cake Hopping

Ever heard of cake hopping? It's like bar hopping but way better and with cake instead! I had a rare day off with a foodie friend, and we thought it was best to spend it sampling some lovely cakes around the city.

#1: Le Petit Gâteau

It was only the first stop and already the bar was set high! We shared a slice of their signature brownie and passionfruit cake and it was heavenly. So many textures were incorporated, like the smoothness of the mousse and the crunchiness of the praline. I also loved that the passionfruit flavour was quite strong.

Sushi Hotaru, Melbourne CBD

I've been to Sushi Hotaru so many times now but I've never written a review because I'm usually so busy stuffing my face that I forget to take photos. I brought a friend for lunch last Friday and I told myself I had to write a review this time, otherwise I would feel like such a traitor for not doing my part for one of my favourite places to eat!

Sushi Hotaru is pretty much a sushi train that offers lots of fresh options. The best part is that apart from premium dishes such as noodle soups and sashimi, everything else is a flat rate of $3 per plate (Note: This will be increased to $3.30 per plate from 1st May 2016). This includes nigiri, gunkan, hand rolls and plenty of side dishes. Amazing value!

The Little Things

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Circa Home

I'm quite guilty of putting myself in overdrive mode and forgetting to step out of it - do any of you guys have the same problem? It got to a point where I never really gave myself time to relax, because I thought that meant forgoing an opportunity to be productive which turned out to be, surprise surprise, counter-productive instead.

I recently started practising mindfulness and I really love how it has given me a fresh perspective. I've been learning to take care of myself more, do things that really matter to me, and be thankful for everything that I have.

It's so easy to get caught up in material things, and I admit that can be me a lot of the time. Really taking the time to think about what I'm really grateful for and writing it down made me realise that it's always about the people, and the experiences.

DIY Tan A-Line Suede Skirt

These tan suede skirts have been floating around the shops lately. I fell in love with this one from Forever New but it was sold out in my size. My DIY instincts then took over and I went hunting for some suede fabric to make my own. I was a little desperate so I bought this buttersuede fabric from Spotlight at full price, but 1 metre was more than enough!