Trim And Thread

I'm so excited to introduce my Etsy Shop, trimandthread!

If you've popped in once in a while, you'll notice that I quite enjoy sewing. I found it very difficult and frustrating at the start, but a few years in and I am very glad that I am now comfortable with it. I love the satisfaction of seeing a finished product, so I have been making lots of things, from clothing to cushions to dog toys.

DIY Fabric Floor Mat

I haven't had much luck with floor mats in the kitchen. I have had a few woven mats that got too dirty (Skye peed on one of them) and they weren't washable. I temporarily resorted to using old sweatpants and pyjamas, but they weren't the most aesthetically pleasing!

Naturally the easiest solution was to make my own. I wanted it to be made of fabric so that it would be washable, and for it to be sturdy but mobile enough to be moved around. 

Cooking Around The World: Melktert (South Africa)

The most recent challenge I took upon was to bake a melktert, which, you can probably guess from the name, is a milk tart originating from South Africa. After some research, I realised that there were two main ways, one of which was to blind bake the crust, and the other to bake it in with the filling. I ended up using this recipe which used the latter method.